Table 2. Comparison of Survey Respondents Who Have Recommended Medical Marijuana for a Patient With Those Who Have Not
Survey StatementRecommended Marijuana for a PatientP*
Physicians should recommend marijuana as a medical therapy.778711233<.001
Marijuana helps patients who suffer from chronic, debilitating medical conditions.9713459212<.001
There are significant physical health benefits to using marijuana.729926234<.001
Training about medical marijuana should be incorporated into family medicine residency curricula.9914192285.004
The FDA should reclassify marijuana so that it is no longer a schedule I drug.7511933280<.001
There are significant mental health benefits to using marijuana.448214254<.001
Training about medical marijuana should be incorporated into medical school curricula.9913893272.02
Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use.5411431277<.001
Physicians should have formal training about medical marijuana prior to recommending it to patients.9011696305.01
Marijuana can be addictive.7412591297<.001
Using marijuana poses serious physical health risks.5510786274<.001
Using marijuana poses serious mental health risks.5710389282<0.001
  • Percentages in each column represent agreement with the statement; numbers represent the total number of ‘agree' or ‘disagree' responses for that statement.

  • * χ2 Test of independence.

  • A majority of the 2 groups differ on this statement.

  • FDA, US Food and Drug Administration.