Table 6. Case Studies of Treatments Reported to Be Effective for Patients with Night Sweats
PopulationTreatment (Route of Administration Cited Only Where Provided)Effectiveness
Patients with advanced cancer, referred for palliative careNabilone at 1 mg at bedtime or twice a day4/4 patients' night sweats improved (mean 5.75 points on the ESAS)134
Patients with terminal cancerThalidomide at 100 mg at bedtime6 /7 patients improved an average of 4 points on a 5-point scale; recurred off of drug and improved again with reinstitution of drug135
Patients with advanced local or metastatic cancerThioridazine at 10–30 mg at bedtime nightly15/17 patients reported improvement, poorly quantified136
Patients with myelofibrosisEtanercept at 25 mg subcutaneously twice weekly for up to 24 weeks6/8 (75%) improved with treatment128
Patients treated for narcotic addiction with methadoneDesloratadine at 5 mg per day2/2 (100%) reported relief from night sweats within 1 day137
Patients taking SSRIsMirtazapine at 15–60 mg per dayOne case: dose-dependent reduction in night sweats138
Patients taking SSRIsBenztropine at 0.5 mg at bedtimeOne case: temporary relief from night sweats84
Patients taking SSRIsTerazosin at 1 mg per day to 2 mg at bedtimeSignificant reduction in night sweats in 2/2 (100%), one after a day, the other after 4 weeks139
Patients taking SSRIsTerazosinSignificant reduction in night sweats in 20/20 (100%)140
Patients taking SSRIsClonidine at 0.1 mg twice dailyOne case: significant relief of night sweats after 3 week139
  • SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors; ESAS, Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (scored 0–10).