Table 1. Members of Oregon's Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) Advisory Committee
Committee Member Background
ChairFormer President: Regence Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oregon, Internist
Vice-ChairCounty Health Department Director with experience integrating mental and physical health services
MembersMedical Director: rural Medicaid MCO, family physician
Benefits manager for a large employer
Executive Director: Oregon Primary Care Association
Vice-President: Oregon Pediatric Society, pediatrician
Executive Director: Oregon Nurses Association, RN
Community advocate, rural Oregon
Medical Director: urban Medicaid MCO, lead sponsor of an ongoing medical home demonstration project, internist
Rural family physician
Quality Improvement Director: Peace Health Medical Group, faculty at Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care
Senior Medical Director for Primary Care: Legacy Health, participant in an ongoing medical home demonstration project, internist
President: Oregon Academy of Family Physicians, family physician
Director of Community Partnerships at an urban safety net clinic, RN
Clinical Quality Representative: Kaiser Permanente, family physician
Ex-Officio MembersContent expert in care coordination, advanced primary care models, informatics and research, internist
Content expert in practice transformation, internist
Content expert in mental health and health policy, psychiatrist
Content expert in primary care, continuity of care and research, family physician
Director of Health Care Purchasing: Oregon Health Authority
Staff: Addictions and Mental Health Division, Oregon Department of Human Services
StaffAdministrator: OHPR, family physician
Health Policy Development Director: OHPR
Health Policy Fellow: OHPR, family physician
  • MCO, managed care organization; OHPR, Oregon Health Policy and Research; RN, registered nurse.