Table 3. Primary Care Physicians' Perspectives Regarding Colorectal Cancer Survivorship Issues
Topic*Very Important to KnowNot Enough Information
Any increased risks for second colorectal cancers, other cancers, and other diseases153 (98)122 (78)
The schedule of recommended colorectal cancer surveillance153 (98)79 (51)
Possible signs of recurrence and second tumors145 (93)93 (60)
The schedule of recommended screenings for noncolorectal cancers139 (89)85 (54)
Chemoprevention strategies for secondary prevention (eg, tamoxifen in women at high risk for breast cancer)135 (87)112 (72)
The possible long-term risks and complications from radiation therapy135 (87)104 (67)
The possible long-term risks and complications from chemotherapy131 (85)114 (73)
Other types of follow-up care providers that may be needed (eg, rehabilitation, fertility, psychology)124 (79)111 (71)
Genetic counseling and testing to identify high-risk individuals who could benefit from more comprehensive cancer surveillance122 (78)129 (83)
Possible effects of cancer on marital/partner relationship, sexual functioning, work, parenting, and future needs for psychosocial support117 (75)99 (63)
Support groups and other resources for colorectal cancer survivors100 (64)105 (67)
  • Values provided as n (%). Total number of respondents does not always equal 156 due to missing data.

  • * Adapted from Institute of Medicine Report.1