Table 1. Published Definitions of Night Sweats
Lister et al, 198947Clinical and research“Recurrent drenching night sweats during the previous month”
Smetana, 199353Clinical“Drenching sweats that require changing bed clothes”
Holtzclaw, 199654Clinical“A nonspecific term that refers to heavy sweating during sleep”
Chambliss, 199944Clinical“Unusual sweating that occurs only or mainly at night”
Mold et al, 200838Clinical“Sweating excessively during the night during the past month”
Mold et al, 200237Research“Sweating at night even when it is not excessively hot in your bedroom during the past month”
Lea and Aber, 198555ResearchMild: “no bathing or change of clothing required”
Moderate: “sleep disturbed by need to arise and wash face or other affected body areas, but no clothing change”
Severe: “both or clothing change required”
Quigley and Baines, 199756ResearchMild: “no change in bedclothes necessary; sweating only reported after specific questioning”
Moderate: “no change of clothing necessary; washing of affected areas required; sweating volunteered by patients as a specific problem”
Severe: “volunteered by patients as drenching sweats requiring a change of clothing or bed linen or both”