Table 1. Demographic and Practice Characteristics of Study Sample (N = 156)
No. (%)
Practice-based research network
    Minnesota Academy of Family Practice43 (28)
    Penn State Ambulatory Research Network55 (35)
    Research Involving Outpatient Settings Network58 (37)
Male Gender90 (58)
        Family medicine115 (74)
        Internal medicine*20 (13)
        No board certification reported2 (1)
    Nurse practitioner13 (8)
    Physician assistant6 (4)
Electronic medical records used in practice134 (86)
Mean (SD)
Age (years)50 (9)
Year training completed1989 (10)
Cancer patients seen during last year20 (30)
Colorectal cancer patients seen during last year3 (4)
Survivors of any cancer seen during last year44 (67)
Survivors of colorectal cancer survivors seen during last year6 (9)
  • * One family physician was also board certified in internal medicine.

  • “Patient” refers to people currently undergoing treatment. “Survivor” refers to those who completed treatment.