Table 1. Distinguishing Features of the Project and Organizational Change Champions
Project ChampionOrganizational Change Champion
Has or is given authority to drive forward a project-based innovationHas authority to cultivate an environment for ongoing practice improvement/organization learning
Effectively communicates the purpose and scope of work for the project-based innovationHas a clear vision for the larger organization and effectively communicates how the project-based innovation fits into that vision
Time-delimited role as established by the projectOngoing role
Actively and enthusiastically promotes a project-based innovationActively and enthusiastically promotes both the specific project as well as ongoing practice improvement
Mobilizes resources (internal/external) for a project-based innovationMobilizes resources (internal/external) for ongoing practice improvement
Navigates the sociopolitical environment for a project-based innovationNavigates the sociopolitical environment for ongoing practice improvement
Provides leadership for a project-based innovationProvides leadership for ongoing practice improvement