Table 4. Sample Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) Measures: Accountability (Take Responsibility for Making Sure We Receive the Best Possible Health Care)
Performance improvementWork to improve the care and services you provide and ask us for feedback and ideas about what to improve.1. Performance improvementPCPCH measures its own performance, with an emphasis on preventive services, sets goals, and improves its care over time.
Publically report information about the safety, quality and cost of the care you provide.Basic: PCPCH tracks at least 3 performance indicators, one of which is an indicator of a preventive service, and reports goals for improvement.
Show us what you are doing to ensure we will get the right care while avoiding unnecessary care.Intermediate: PCPCH demonstrates improvement towards its reported goals on at least 3 performance indicators, one of which is an indicator of a preventive service.
Involve us in helping to decide areas for improvement.2. Clinical quality improvementPCPCH improves clinical quality indicators,* with an emphasis on indicators of preventive services, in its patient population.
Advanced: PCPCH demonstrates improvement in a certain number of clinical quality indicators. PCPCHs achieving a benchmark level of performance on a given indicator would be required to maintain excellent performance, but not demonstrate continued improvement.
3. Public reportingPCPCH participates in a program of voluntary public reporting of practice-level clinical quality (eg, reporting of performance indicators to a health plan, Medicare or Medicaid, the state, or the Oregon Quality Corporation).
Intermediate: PCPCH publically reports practice-level clinical quality indicators to an external entity.
  • * PCPCHs should have the ability to select clinical quality indicators most relevant to their patient population from a preestablished statewide set of nationally accepted quality measures.