Table 1. The 10-Item Difficult Doctor-Patient Relationship Questionnaire (DDPRQ-10)
Item*Patients Who Rated Difficulty by Item (%)
Difficult (n = 133)Not Difficult (n = 772)
1. How much are you looking forward to this patient's next visit (after today)?9238
2. How frustrating do you find this patient?809
3. How manipulative is this patient?463
4. To what extent are you frustrated by this patient's vague complaints?554
5. How self-destructive is this patient?396
6. Do you find yourself secretly hoping this patient will not return?542
7. How at ease did you feel with this patient today?6418
8. How time-consuming is caring for this patient?6110
9. How enthusiastic do you feel about caring for this patient?9034
10. How difficult is it to communicate with this patient?536
  • * Each item was scored on a six-point scale: 1 = Not at all, 6 = A great deal.

  • Based on a DDPR-10 score >30, out of 905 patients. Responses were dichotomized by coding raw scores of 4 through 6 on each item rated as difficult.

  • Item was reversed for scoring (1 = a great deal, 6 = not at all).