Table 1. Owners and Pets Exercising Together Phase 1 Demographic Data (N = 75)
VariableN or Mean (SD)Percent or Range
Marital status
    Never married2939
Living status
    Live alone1520
    Live with other(s)6080
    American Indian/Alaska Native11
    Black/African American68
    High school or GED45
    Some technical school23
    Technical school graduate34
    Some college1520
    College graduate2331
    Postgraduate/professional degree2837
Physical assessment
    Owner age43.5 (4.6)18–73
    Owner BMI*28.5 (6.8)17.8–51.6
    Dog BCS6 (1.2)4–9
Self-report measures
    LAPS56.5 (8.6)31–68
    SF-12–PCS51.1 (8.1)22–62
    SF-12–MCS50.6 (9.2)18–62
    MOS4.3 (0.6)2.8–5
    IPAQ total METS (self-reported activity)3493 (3643)0–17,832
  • * BMI was available for 72 owners.

  • BMI, body mass index; BCS, body condition score; LAPS, Lexington Attachment to Pets Scale; PCS, physical component score; MCS, mental component summary; MOS, Medical Outcomes Survey; IPAQ, International Physical Activity Questionnaire; METS, metabolic equivalents.