Table 3. Patient Satisfaction Scores
GroupResponses (n)Positive Responses* (%)Adjusted Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)P
Associate type
    MA950994.60.65 (0.53–0.80)
    RN373596.81.14 (0.88–1.48)
Provider type
    MD/DO1785095.71.75 (1.41–2.17)
    Rural1172994.10.65 (0.53–0.81)
Inclusion of obstetrics
    Not included1425494.91.00<.001
    Included781096.01.56 (1.27–1.93)
  • * Percent positive responses are those that rated the care they received as “good” or “very good” and negative responses would be those rating their care as “fair,” “poor,” or “very poor.”

  • AP, associate provider; LPN, licensed practical nurse; MA, medical assistant; RN, registered nurse.