Table 1. Potential Practice-based Research Network (PBRN) Coordinating Center Functions
Examples/Work Products
Research functions
    Manage regulatory requirements• Adverse event management
• FDA reporting for clinical trials
    Maintain standardization and quality control across sites• Common variable definitions
• Common coding structures
• Consistent data editing
    Monitor practice/provider/patient enrollment• Produce study accrual reports
    Develop and field data collection instruments• Surveys
• Interview guides
• Abstraction tools
• Implementation/process data forms
    Develop standards for procedures and data definitions• Study-specific SOPs
    Create and operate a central data management system• Produce analytic data files
    Perform quality control monitoring of adherence to protocol across all sites• Produce monitoring reports
    Provide statistical expertise for design and development of research protocols• Develop statistical analysis plans
    Provide statistical expertise for analysis and publication of study data• Draft analysis and findings sections for scientific reports
    Develop training materials and conduct training• In person
• Web-based/online
    Identify and contract with special experts or suppliers• Subcontracts
    Develop and coordinate special panels or committees• Minutes
Administrative functions
    Coordinate project team communication• Set meeting agenda
• Schedule meetings
    Manage study/project documentation• Track study milestones
• Manuals of procedures
• Decision documentation
    Centralize storage and distribution of study materials• Materials inventory
• Version control
    Prepare reports for governing and oversight bodies• Evaluation reports
• Quarterly reports
    Support for dissemination• Prepare presentations/posters
• Manuscript preparation
    Assist with OMB packages• Assist PI with completion of application materials
  • FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; OMB, Office of Management and Budgets; PI, primary investigator; SOP, standard operating procedure.