Table 4. Selected Explanatory Variables for Current Colorectal Cancer Screening
Explanatory VariableEstimated CoefficientStandard Errorχ2POdds Ratio95% CI
Barrier items
    My physician has spent enough time discussing colorectal cancer and the screening tests.0.800.1246.81<.0012.221.76–2.78
    You do not need to do a screening test for colorectal cancer because you have no problems.−0.580.1224.92<.0010.560.44–0.70
Benefit item
    A screening test will decrease your chances of dying from colorectal cancer.0.350.146.26.0121.421.08–1.87
Social influences and support question
    Has anyone in your immediate family had colorectal cancer?0.580.293.86.0491.791.00–3.18
  • CI, confidence interval