Table 2.

Functions and Activities of Meso-Level Primary Health Care Organizations

Clinical care
    Population health focus• Population health activities
• Community engagement
• Patient enrolment
    Reduce health inequalities• Local initiatives, eg, Closing the Gap (Australia)
    Improve access• After-hours care
• Contracting with providers
    Integrated care• Disease management
• Coordinated and integrated service delivery
    Multidisciplinary workforce• Access to GP-led expanded PHC teams
    Quality and safety• Clinical and practice support
• Monitoring quality and accreditation
Integrated education and training
    Vertically integrated professional development• Multidisciplinary continuous professional development
Integrated communications technology
    Enhance clinical data sharing• Electronic discharge summary and referrals; personally controlled electronic health record
Integrated governance
    Improve linkage• Act as link between macro- and microlevels of the system
• Link between primary and secondary sectors
• Link between “horizontal” components of the system, eg, housing and employment
    Allocation of regional budgets• Commissioning services
    Local/regional decision making• Run by independent boards
  • GP, general practitioner; PHC, primary health care.