Table 4. Unadjusted and Adjusted Odds Ratios and Goodness of Fit for Each Model Describing the Association between Community Health Center Physicians and Being Highly Satisfied in Specific Areas
Unadjusted Odds RatioPAdjusted Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)*PHosmer-Lemeshow χ2 (P) for Adjusted Model
Training2.02<.012.56 (1.50–4.36)<.0110.8 (.3)
Specialty1.89<.011.71 (1.04–2.79).039.7 (.4)
Employer0.59<.010.51 (0.32–0.82).019.4 (.4)
Partners0.67.030.67 (0.43–1.04).077.7 (.6)
Location0.79.200.80 (0.52–1.24).317.2 (.6)
Income1.06.791.17 (0.73–1.89).506.3 (.7)
Hours1.02.921.23 (0.79–1.92).3615.4 (.1)
  • * Adjusted using mixed effect models for sex, years in practice, full-time equivalent, teaching responsibility, community size, median income of practice community, reimbursement method, patient volume, survey year (fixed effect) and residency program (random effect).

  • P < .05, Wald's test.

  • Variables in the mixed effect model that were associated with satisfaction.