Table 3. Number of Reports With an Emotional Response and the Resulting Coping Strategy By Provider Type, Female Providers, Physician Gender, Duration and Severity of Harm
Reports With an Emotional Response (%)Reports With a Coping Strategy (n [%])Difference (%)Confidence Interval
Provider type
    Clinic staff7454 (73.0)16.4 (Clinic staff − physicians)1.9% to 30.9%
    Physicians12269 (56.6)
Female providers
    Clinic staff7454 (73.0)27.5 (Clinic staff − physicians)11.2% to 43.6%
    Physicians7735 (45.5)
Physicians by sex
    Male4534 (75.6)30.1 (Male physicians − female physicians)11.6% to 48.1%
    Female7735 (45.5)
Duration of harm
    No duration12163 (52.1)22.9 (Some duration − no duration)6.3% to 39.5%
    Some duration4836 (75.0)
Severity of harm
    No severity10353 (51.5)23.5 (Some severity − no severity)8.7% to 38.4%
    Some severity7657 (75.0)