Table 1.

Comparison of the Prostate Cancer Prevention (PCPT), Reduction of Dutasteride of Prostate Cancer Events (REDUCE), and Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention (SELECT) Trials

Patients (n)Age (years)PSA (ng/L)Follow-Up (years)Relative Risk of Prostate Cancer*Absolute Risk of Prostate Cancer*Absolute Risk of High-Grade Prostate Cancer*Risk of Diabetes
REDUCE8,23155–752.5–104↓23%↓5%0% to ↑0.5%n/a
SELECT35,533>50≤45.4 ↑Trend with vitamin E ↑Trend with vitamin E No known effect ↑Trend with selenium
  • * Compared with placebo.

  • Original publication did not demonstrate increased risk of high-grade cancer; however, the Food and Drug Administration mandated re-analysis of biopsy specimen based on modified Gleason score suggesting a 0.5% increase of high-grade prostate cancer in the dutasteride arm.

  • PSA, prostate-specific antigen.