Table 3.

Attitudes, Readiness, and Barriers to Screening at Baseline

Attitudes Toward Screening (n = 319)Category (%)
Sample items*1 (Strongly Disagree)2–45 (Strongly Agree)
    I really think I should try to be screened for CRC in the next 6 months.37325
    I have been thinking about whether I will be able to be screened for CRC.13799
    I have had CRC screening in the past and I plan to continue.22708
    I am aware of the importance of regular screening for CRC, but I can't do it right now.15804
    I have set up a day and a time to be screened within the next 2 months.46513
    As far as I am concerned, I don't need CRC screening.25742
    I have not been screened and right now I don't care.38602
    I don't have the time or energy to be screened for CRC right now.33652
    I could be screened for CRC, but I don't plan to.24751
Readiness for CRC screening (n = 336)0–2 (Not Ready)3–78–10 (Very or Definitely Ready)
    Confidence in ability to be screened4.818.377.0
    Importance of CRC screening for you5.729.964.4
    Readiness for CRC screening6.929.763.4
    Interest in CRC screening8.636.954.5
    Likelihood of being tested in next 6 months20.938.740.5
    Likelihood of bringing up CRC screening at next visit20.242.637.2
Barriers to screening (n = 298)0 or 1 (Not a Factor)2 or 34 or 5 (Strong Factor)
    Not covered by insurance/copayment is too high58.816.324.8
    Physician has not recommended57.219.923.0
    Physician has not discussed57.820.621.6
    Afraid or anxious about the test51.832.915.3
    I am too busy62.124.313.6
    I am confused about all of the options available65.222.812.0
    I am low risk for CRC60.628.910.6
    Too embarrassing65.823.810.4
    No medical insurance87.73.39.6
    Test requires too much time66.724.88.6
    Test will be too painful73.818.97.3
    Test is difficult to schedule78.016.75.3
    Test is not available in my area91.96.81.4
  • * Total of 14 sample items.

  • 0 = not at all likely or not interested, important, confident, ready, etc.; 10 = definitely or very interested, important, confident, ready, etc. CRC, colorectal cancer.