Table 2.

Summary of Baseline Survey for Those Assigned to Educational Intervention (n = 373)

Subject and Physician CharacteristicsPercentage
Male patient sex48.3
Male physician sex63.5
Family history
    Immediate family member12.4
    More distant relative11.4
Physician or nurse ever discussed having a test for CRC64.2
Physician or nurse ever recommended CRC screening53.8
Physician ever recommended a test for CRC because you had symptoms10.0
My doctor has discussed CRC screening with me46.1
Tests recommended by physician (n = 290)
    Fecal occult blood test (×3)33.1
    Flexible sigmoidoscopy14.2
    Barium enema12.3
    Fecal immunochemical test10.0
Quality of CRC screening discussions (n = 237)*
    Comfort with asking your doctor questions about CRC screening75.5
    Satisfaction with doctor's discussions of screening importance73.3
    Input into the screening decision67.2
    Satisfaction with doctor's discussion of screening options60.3
  • * Responses were provided as “very” or “extremely.”

  • CRC, colorectal cancer.