Table 1.

Proposed Domains of the Ecologic Model Affecting Breast Cancer Screening for Women with Intellectual Disabilities

ConceptConcept DescriptionExample of Effect on Breast Cancer ScreeningRelated Variables of Interest
IntrapersonalIndividual factors or ideas influencing behaviorExtremely anxious about mammogram so does not have onePsychiatric diagnoses Requires sedation or other accommodations for clinical visits Down syndrome Functional status
InterpersonalSocial supports, family, peer groups influencing behaviorSupportive guardian encourages patient to go and accompanies herCommunication status Whether guardian is assigned Whether subject is receiving other screening/preventive services
InstitutionalRules and policies that may promote or prevent behaviorResidential program provides care coordination by a nurse and encourages cancer screeningsResidential setting Day/work program Care coordination by registered nurse
CommunitySocial groups/organizations in the community that can be formal or informalAdvocacy organizations for adults with disabilities publishes information encouraging mammographyNone in this database
Public policyLocal policies and laws to support healthy behaviorsPublications raise awareness of physicians about preventive services for adults with disabilitiesNone in this database