Table 1.

Characteristics of Women “Extremely Satisfied” Versus “Not Extremely Satisfied” With Breast Cancer Care Provided by Family Physicians/General Practitioners (N = 145)

CharacteristicsNot Extremely Satisfied (n = 39)Extremely Satisfied (n = 106)P
    Age (years)53.2*49.1*.026
    Race (%)
    Marital status (%)
    Education (%)
        ≤Grade 1235.941.7.529
        >Grade 1264.158.3
    Insurance status (%)
    Income adequacy (%)
    General health status3.4*3.1*.102
        Stage (%)
Structure of care
    FP/GP sex (%)
    FP/GP ethnicity (%)
    Language spoken by FP/GP (%)
    FP/GP visits (n)4.2*2.9*.06
Process of care
    Most recent mammogram ordered by FP/GP (%)
    Most recent clinical breast exam done by FP/GP (%)
    Asked FP/GP questions about my breast cancer (%)
    How often did the FP/GP:
        listen carefully to you?3.46*3.91*.000
        explain things in a way you could understand?2.97*3.85*.000
        show respect for what you had to say?3.36*3.95*.000
        spend enough time with you?2.97*3.95*.000
  • * Denotes mean.

  • FP, family physician; GP, general practitioner.