Table 2.

Prevention of Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

Obtain a history of HSV infection in a woman and her sexual partner at the first prenatal visit.
Counsel pregnant women with no history of HSV about prevention methods.
Encourage condom use by partners with HSV if there is no history of HSV in the pregnant woman.
Consider prophylactic acyclovir at 36 weeks for pregnant women with a history of HSV infection.
Ask women presenting in labor about symptoms of HSV infection.
Women in labor who have active genital HSV infection should be delivered by Caesarian section.
Keep newborns with known or suspected HSV in isolation with contact precautions. Skin lesions should be covered.
Healthcare providers with lesions should not have contact with newborns. Parents with active herpetic lesions on any part of the body should pay careful attention to the handling of their neonate.
  • HSV, herpes simplex virus.