Table 1.

Results of Postintervention Physician Survey Questions for Well Child Visits with 9- to 12-Year-Old Children (N = 32)

QuestionsResponse Categories
Approximately what % of visits did you use Fitwits?None≤10%11% to 30%31% to 50%51% to 70%≥71%
    Number (%)7 (21.9)4 (12.5)4 (12.5)4 (12.5)10 (31.3)3 (9.4)
After using Fitwits, are you more or less comfortable discussing obesity prevention?No changeMuch less/a little less comfortableIn the middleSomewhat more comfortableMuch more comfortable
    Number (%)1 (3.8)0013 (50.0)12 (46.2)
Has the Fitwits office tool improved how competent you feel discussing nutrition, exercise, and portion health education?No changeMuch less/a little less competentIn the middleSomewhat more competentMuch more competent
    Number (%)01 (3.7)011 (40.7)15 (55.6)
When using Fitwits, are any barriers to discussing obesity prevention, nutrition, exercise, and portions with families reduced?NoFew changesIn the middleSome changesMany changes
    Number (%)2 (7.4)4 (14.8)010 (37.0)11 (40.7)
  • Totals do not necessarily equal 32 because of missing information. Percentages are based on only those respondents who provided an answer.