Table 5:

Effect of DTCA on the Time-Efficiency of the Visit

N% Helped% Neutral% HurtUnivariate pMultivariate Odds Ratio (95% CI)
Physicians’ background views on DTCA
 How accurate are drug ads?0.003
  Not very/not at all9344451
 How good are patients at assessing the relevance of ads?<0.001
  Excellent/very good/good75235621
Physicians’ cognitive and emotional responses in the last visit where a patient talked about DTCA
 How relevant to the patient was the information in the ad?<0.001
  Not very/not at all8233760
 How accurate was the information in the ad?<0.001
  Not very/not at all130240581.9 (1.1–3.3)
 Why did the patient talk to you about the ad?<0.001
  Wanted a test, medication change or referral2191140492.0 (1.2–3.4)
  Wanted your opinion only1721658261.0
 Did you do what the patient wanted?<0.001
  Yes, completely74155827
  Yes, partially240174737
 Did you have enough time to discuss the information?<0.001
  No134734593.0 (1.8–5.0)
 Did you feel the patient was taking responsibility?0.040
 Did you feel the patient was challenging your authority?<0.001
  Yes49224742.8 (1.2–6.3)
 Did you think that the patient’s request was not appropriate for their health?<0.001
 Yes, not appropriate142335621.0
 No, appropriate2491955261.8 (1.1–3.1)
  • CI, confidence interval.