Table 1.

Cross-Sectional Studies That Found No Association between Occupational Exposure and CTS

StudyNo. of PatientsSetting of StudyMeasurement of Occupational ExposureCTS Diagnostic CriteriaControlling of Confounding FactorsFindingsComment
Chiang et al22207Fish processing workersObservation and EMG force recordingS, PEAge, genderNo association with repetition on the exposure groupExcluded the subjects with medical condition that can cause CTS
English et al., 1995241167Orthopedic clinicSelf-reportNot specifiedGender, height, weightNo association with wrist ergonomics
Moore et al23230Pork processing plantObservationS, PE, NCVNoNo associationBased on the medical records review
Nathan et al17471Employees from 27 occupations in 4 industriesObservation by investigatorsNCVAge, genderNo association between occupational hand activity and NCV findingCase definition does not include symptom, physical examination
Schottland et al19178Poultry-processing plantEmployment status, not observationNCVAge, genderNo association between employment experience and the NCV findingCase definition does not include symptom, physical examination
Steven et al27257Orthopedic clinicNot specifiedS, PE, NCVNoNo association
  • CTS, carpal tunnel syndrome; EMG, electromyelogram; S, self-report; PE, physical examination; NCV, nerve conduction velocity.