Table 1.

Demographic, Workload, and Practice Characteristics of Respondents (n = 1050)

Unweighted N (%)Weighted N (%)
Demographic and practice characteristics
 1999 Income from practice
  $100,000 or less177(19)179(19)
 Geographic setting
  Small town275(27)273(27)
 Geographic Region
 Type of medical specialty
  Primary care404(39)406(39)
  Medical specialty350(33)355(34)
  Surgical specialty296(28)289(28)
 Office- or Hospital-based
 Country of training
Unweighted PercentilesWeighted Percentiles
Respondents’ best estimate of the percentage of their patients who were:
 On Medicaid5102551025
 From a minority group102040102040
 Had an annual household income of $20,000 or less10153091530
Respondents’ best estimate of:
 Number of hours spent per week in face-to-face contact with patients243240243240
 Number of patients seen per week50801055080104
  • Data were weighted to represent the national population of physicians on the MMS database who spend 20 or more hours per week on direct patient care using the MMS variables described in the text.