Table 3.

Quick Guide to Estimating Risk of Work-Related CTS

Ask the patient, “In your current occupation . . . ”
  1. Is this the hand you primarily use to perform your current job?

  2. Do you bend the wrist up and down or from side to side repeatedly more than twice a minute (wrist flexion/extension, ulnar/radial deviation) or twist/rotate the wrist with palm facing up and then down more than twice a minute (wrist rotation)?

  3. Do you have repeated finger-tapping movement more than twice a minute?

  4. Do you spend more than 4 hours per day moving your hand/wrist in the same fashion?

  5. Do you grip or hold any object in the palm with a force greater than 12 lb while performing the activities listed in questions 2, 3, or 4?

  6. Do you hold tools that vibrate during most of your workday?

  • Scoring: the number of “Yes” answers is directly proportional to the degree of risk: 0 to 2, low risk for occupational CTS; 3 to 4, moderate risk; 5 to 6, high risk.