Table 3.

Effects of the Patient’s Talking about a DTCA on the Doctor-Patient Relationship

n% Improved% Neutral% WorsenedpMultivariate Odds Ratio for Improved Relationship (95% CI)*
How relevant to the patient was the information in the ad?<0.001
 Not very/not at all82166619
How accurate was the information in the ad?<0.001
 Not very/not at all131226216
Why did the patient talk to you about the ad?0.002
 Wanted a test, medication change or referral221286111
 Wanted your opinion only17338593
Did you do what the patient wanted?<0.001
 Yes, completely75445515.7 (2.2–14.7)
 Yes, partially244355773.7 (1.6–8.6)
Did you have enough time to discuss the information?0.031
 Yes258365952.0 (1.2–3.3)
Did you feel the patient was taking responsibility?<0.001
 Yes279385662.4 (1.4–4.4)
Did you feel the patient was challenging your authority?<0.001
Did you think that the patient’s request was not appropriate for their health?<0.001
 Yes, not appropriate143255619
 No, appropriate25337621
Did you feel you did not know the patient well enough to have good communication?<0.001
  • * For clarity, only significant odds ratios are shown. CI, confidence interval.

  • Comparison of doing what the patient wanted completely versus partially revealed no significant difference in odds ratios.