Table 3.

Partial Correlations of the Determinants of Physician Job Satisfaction

Correlations Controlling for
CharacteristicBivariate CorrelationsPhysician CharacteristicsPhysician and Practice CharacteristicsPhysician Practice, and Office CharacteristicsAll Other Characteristics
Compensation and Care Management
 Salary compensation−.18**−.15**−.16**−.15**−.16**
 Productivity bonus−.17**−.15**−.12*−.08−.06
 Financial withhold for referrals−.13**−.07−.05−.03−.06
 Percentage patients in HMOs−.05−.02−.04−.09−.07
 Office prior approval required to refer to specialist inside the office−.
 Office prior approval required to refer to specialist outside the office−.11*−.05−.04−.04−.03
 Office follows written referral guidelines−.
 Office follows written clinical guidelines for treating specific conditions−.
Office Characteristics
 Solo practice.11*.08.09.02
 Primary group−.14**−.14*−.16**.01
 Multispecialty group.
 Number of physicians−.08−.14*−.14*−.24**
 Private ownership.15**.14**.13*.05
 Easy to refer.23**.19**.16**.20**
Physician Practice Characteristics
 Patient visits per hour−.03−.05−.01
 Administrative hours per week−.14**−.13*−.16**
 Percentage patients referred per month−.11*−.05−.01
 Percentage female patients−.09−.06−.08
 Percentage nonwhite patients−.10*−.04.04
 Percentage patients ≤18 years−.02.01−.01
 Percentage patients ≥65 years−.00−.00.03
 Percentage patients from middle- or upper-class households.14**.13*.10
Physician Characteristics
 Family practice.02.06
 General practice.01−.02
 Years in practice.12*−.05
 Tolerance for uncertainty.15**.16**
  • * P < .05.

  • ** P < .01