Table 1.

Average Scores of Items in the Physician Satisfaction Scales (n = 498)

Physician Job Satisfaction
 The care you provide to your patients4.44 (0.63)
 The degree of personal autonomy you have3.65 (1.05)
 The way you are paid for your services3.22 (1.21)
 The current volume of patients that you see3.56 (1.05)
 The way that your practice is managed3.30 (1.12)
 Your current work setting overall3.71 (1.03)
  Scale Score3.65 (0.73)
Physician Referral Satisfaction
 Your ability to retain control over the patients’ care after referral to specialist3.62 (0.90)
 Your ability to refer patients to the specialists who are best suited to help them3.70 (0.98)
 Your communication with specialists regarding outcomes of patients referrals3.76 (0.87)
  Scale Score3.69 (0.73)
  • For each item, physicians rated their satisfaction on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). Standard deviation presented in parentheses.