Table 2.

Characteristics of Intervention and Control Groups

CharacteristicExit Interview Intervention (n = 121)Control (n = 224)P Value
Age, mean (range)16.0 (2 days–69 years)21.2 (3 days–88 years).01
Length of follow-up, mean (range) (days)*311.8 (7–793)347.8 (7–783).18
Male (%)4041.86
African American (%)4539.04
White (%)3533.04
Hispanic (%)129.04
Commercial insurance (%)2934.30
Residential ZIP code median income below $20,000 (%)4543.75
  • Age and follow-up were tested with Wilcoxon rank-sum test.

  • * Last visit date minus index visit date.

  • P value derived from χ2 test of African American, white, Hispanic, and other/unknown by group.

  • Based on median income within ZIP code areas from the 1990 US Census.