Table 1.

Detection Rate and Biopsies Performed to Detect Prostate Carcinoma (PCA).

ReferencePopulation Size(all males)Age(years)Detection Rate(%)Localized PCA(% of Total)*Bx/PCA
Bangma et al141,726 Netherlands55 –763.8888.064.60
Brett15211 Australian50 –791.423.67
Bretton161,027 American40 –893.8064.405.77
Gustafsson et al171,782 Swedish55 –702.715.71
Higashihara et al7701 Japanese50 –921.858.92
Horninger et al1821,078 Austrian45 –790.943.95
Horninger et al1821,078 Austrian40 –652.7785.714.13
Imai et al191,680 Japanese39 –890.898.80
Imai et al203,276 Japanese40 –891.4060.785.52
Jubelirer et al3142 American50 –8575.003.75
Maattanen et al55,053 Finish55 –752.3490.003.80
Reissigl et al212,272 Austrian40 –652.8586.003.97
Stenman et al227,204 Finish45 –840.61
Tsukamoto et al231,639 Japanese1.106.39
Pooled results47,7911.8083.404.00
  • * % of local PCA = localized prostate carcinoma/total prostate carcinoma × 100.

  • Bx/PCA = total biopsies performed/actual number of positive biopsies.