Table 2.

Mean Number of Visits for Maternal Injuries 5 Years Before the Birth of the Index Child (or Until 1, August 1995) for Mothers with Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Study 1) and Mothers of Children with Some Characteristics of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Study 2).

Injury CharacteristicsStudy 1Study 2
Case*ControlP ValueCase*ControlP Value
Unintentional injuries4.62.6.0043.02.6.78
 Alcohol involved1.70.2.0031.20.5.14
Intentional injuries4.
 Alcohol involved2.
  • * None of the differences between study 1 and 2 cases are statistically significant.

  • The mean numbers of total injuries and total alcohol-related injuries were significantly higher for both study 1 and 2 case mothers than control mothers (P = .01).