Table 4.

Relative Importance of Factors for Physicians Who Prescribe and Do Not Prescribe Corticosteroids for Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Physician FactorMean Likert Score*
Prescribe corticosteroids
 Severity of injury3.82
 Failure of modalities (ice, electric stimulation, etc)3.30
 Failure of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication3.24
 Urgency of return to play for athlete3.09
 Failure of rehabilitative exercises3.09
 Failure of relative rest2.96
 Level of play of athlete2.86
Do not prescribe corticosteroids
 Lack of medical literature regarding efficacy4.27
 Lack of consensus on indications for use4.13
 Fear of side effects3.81
  • * In which 0 = unimportant factor and 5 = very important factor.