Table 1.

General Patient Population Characteristics.

VariableProject Result No. (%)
Total patients2,759
Nulliparous1,059 (38.38)
Induction or augmentation1,299 (47.08)
Vacuum assisted delivery160 (5.8)
Forceps delivery46 (1.67)
Episiotomy609 (22.07)
Severe laceration in nulliparous patients120 (11.3)
Total severe lacerations176 (6.38)
Epidural analgesia634 (22.98)
Severe laceration* and epidural analgesia65 (10.25)
Severe laceration* without epidural analgesia111 (5.22)
  • * Severe lacerations defined as third or fourth degree by standards set by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.