Table 4.

Relationship Between Symptom Resolution, Diagnosis, and Clinical Management*

No BetterSomewhat BetterCompletely Better
All women31328
Control group
    No diagnosis100
    Confirmed Candida224
    Confirmed bacterial vaginosis026
    Empiric Candida030
    Empiric bacterial vaginosis010
Intervention group
    Empiric bacterial vaginosis027
    Empiric Candida0310
    Both empiric bacterial vaginosis and empiric Candida001
Women with STD
    GC and Chlamydia001
  • All data provided as n.

  • * Two women were lost to follow-up. One of these had trichomonas.

  • Women in the ntervention group showed superior resolution of symptoms (P = .046; Fischer's exact test).

  • STD, sexually transmitted disease; GC, Gonorrhea.