Table 3.

Differences in Medication-Related Treatment Concerns Between Physicians Who Would or Would Not Prescribe Therapy for Vignette (n = 173)*

Treatment Concerns (%)Would Study Physician Prescribe a Medicine for Vignette Patient to Treat:
Glycemia?Blood Pressure?Anything Related to Diabetes?
Yes (n = 45)No (n = 128)Yes (n = 85)No (n = 88)Yes (n = 92)No (n = 81)
Financial barriers894975447443
Medication adherence715265496349
Need more clinical data11148181017
Long-term risk for complications382537203422
  • * Numbers are proportions of study physicians who discussed each of the 4 treatment concerns, categorized by whether the study physician would prescribe medications for the indicated diabetes-related conditions. “Anything related to diabetes” defined as medicines to treat hypertension, hyperglycemia, or hyperlipidemia.

  • Difference between yes and no responses statistically significant (P < .05).