Table 5.

Mothers’ Reasons for Not Taking Depression Treatment*

ReasonMothers(n [%])
Mother thought she could handle it herself21 (46)
No time for depression visits16 (35)
Treatment not recommended11 (24)
Concerned about what others would think; embarrassed10 (22)
Concerned about medication effects on nursing infant8 (17)
Concerned about medication side effects on self6 (13)
Thought it was “just a phase” or a short-term problem5 (11)
No childcare available during depression visits4 (9)
Concerns about insurance and cost of coverage4 (9)
Concerned about becoming dependent on medications3 (7)
Husband/partner unsupportive of her getting help1 (2)
Worried that baby would be taken away1 (2)
  • * Self-diagnosed women (n = 46).

  • Results show women who reported that they had been depressed but not treated.