Table 2.

Associations Between Patient, Physician, and Practice Characteristics and the Study Physician's Decision to Intensify Therapy to Treat Blood Pressure, Glycemia, Lipids, or Any of These Three Conditions After Viewing the Patient Vignette (n = 192)*

Medication ChangesIntensified According to Vignette Patient Characteristics (%)
MaleFemaleP35 years old65 years oldP
Blood pressure5246.444454.20
Any of the 35550.524857.24
Higher SESLower SESPWhiteBlackHispanicP
Blood pressure5147.61485247.89
Any of 35550.52555252.94
Intensified According to Physician Characteristics (%)
MaleFemalePLess ExperiencedMore ExperiencedP
Blood pressure4652.445147.61
Any of 34956.365253.90
Intensified According to Practice Factors (%)§
For profit (n = 135)Other (n = 57)PSolo (n = 65)Small (n = 105)Large (n = 22)P
Blood pressure4753.42455246.58
Any of 35058.30495646.47
  • * Numbers are proportions of respondents indicating that they would prescribe medications for each or any of the three diabetes-related risk factors; Numbers of physicians per practice variables are indicated in the table. Due to the factorial experimental design, numbers within each patient and physician variable category are equal.

  • Socioeconomic status (SES) depicted by occupation of lawyer versus janitor.

  • Physician experience groups divided as ≤12 years vs ≥22 years of clinical experience.

  • § Practice sizes defined by number of physicians (1, ≤10, or >10).