Table 3.

Proposed Community-Based Participatory Research Approaches for Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs)

Elements of Community-Based Participatory ResearchProposed Applications in PBRNs
Community participation in determining research agenda
  • CAB

  • Community membership in network board of directors

  • Outreach to community groups for input into network priorities

Community participation in developing/refining research protocol
  • Vet protocols with CAB

  • Solicit community input through outreach contacts or through relevant community groups

Community participation in data collection and analysis
  • Engage CAB members in review of data collection plans and interpretation of results

  • Engage study participants in review/interpretation of results

Reporting research results to the community
  • Provide report of findings to CAB, emphasizing steps to be taken to use results to improve health

  • Outreach to community stakeholder groups to report results and application to improve health

  • Report to study participants

Community benefit from research
  • Compensation to study participants

  • Employment/training of community members in research

  • Assistance with community action to apply research results to health improvement

  • Increased knowledge

Community participation in presenting research results to scientific community
  • Engage interested community member(s) or member of CAB in reporting research results

  • CAB, community advisory board.