Table 4a.

Facilitators for Ambulatory Care Network Physician Participation in Research Identified in Both Survey and Focus Group

SurveyParticipant's Statements from Focus Group
ItemPhysicians Who Agree (%)*
Potential to improve care in my practice and Contribution to knowledge development on topic100
  • And so any study that helps contribute to our knowledge of what can help our patients and what is the best practice is something that this group is going to be interested in. (IM)

  • I have found people very open to working with things if they're brought in a way that their collaborating, inclusive, right, you don't have to do this but we think this might work, in a place that people can feel like it's incorporating things into their practice and not adding more work into their practice. Key. (IM)

Opportunity for my professional development100
  • I think we are all academics and that's why we're here. We're not in private practice for a reason. (IM)

Research collaborators/mentors92
  • One of the issues with collaborators if we're all primarily clinicians then it gets very difficult because as clinicians we tend to put the clinical first. The only reason why I actually ended up finishing was because the person I worked with was primarily a researcher and he pushed and pushed because he wanted to get this done so he gave me deadlines. . . (IM)

  • That's the importance of mentorship, to keep you from wasting your time on things that you should not have to be focusing on. (FM)

  • * Percent of participants selecting strongly agree or agree in response to statement; only statements that >50% participants rated as strongly agree or agree are included.

  • IM, internal medicine; FM, family medicine.