Table 3c.

Barriers Identified in Focus Group Only

ThemesParticipant's Statements
Difficulty filling clinical sessions to enable release for compensated research time
  • You have to consider that when a peg is gone, there's a hole there, and how do you fill that hole? And then will it get to a critical point where there is no more leftover pegs to fill in. When you pull someone to cover that, you're pulling them from something else. There is a domino effect. You can't hire, appoint one person to cover that hole, either, even if you have the release money. And then what happens when she loses her funding? Do you throw away that person we hired? Then it becomes a budget issue. (FM)

Lack of collaborators to sustain research
  • And then we did the survey and having to get it translated, right, then we realized the survey was too complicated for our patients so we needed then to simplify and then we had to resubmit it. I mean, it was just exhausting. So we did it and we did quite a few of them, but we never did anything with it because again you need a group of people who can consistently meet. (IM)

  • It's just very hard to sustain things. That sustainability is one of my biggest challenges. (IM)

Difficulties overcoming IRB hurdles
  • I can't believe how hard it was to get IRB approval for something that involved no drugs. You know, this couldn't have been more soft research. And it's just because it doesn't matter what it is, you have to go through all the steps no matter what. And it was so hard and so many back and forths in getting the consents approved and being confused about whether…oh, I was originally supposed to include kids so I needed assent and consent and kids never came, thank goodness. . . . and the grant was written for like 100 people and I got 20 at the beginning and then 10 and then 6. (IM)

  • I have projects and I tried to get IRB approval. And I finally found someone I thought could help me on the process. They did help me, but when I submitted it, it still got denied, and then we couldn't figure out how to overcome that barrier. So we get to a certain point. We marshal all of our time and energy and resources, and we get to a certain point and reach another hurdle, and we just drop it. (FM)

Community distrust of research
  • . . . Spanish was my primary language and I feel like I have a special connection with them because I speak exactly as they do, . . . they feel that you are using them sometimes. They don't trust you enough. (IM)

  • . . . I can speak from the African American population that there's a lot of mistrust of the medical community. . . . They don't want to be experimented on, especially after that whole Tuskegee experiment. (IM)

  • IRB, institutional review board; FM, family medicine; IM, internal medicine.