Table 2.

Research Training and Experience of the Ambulatory Care Network Physicians (n = 24)

Formal research trainingPercent
    Research fellowship16
    Research-oriented master's degree16
    Research-oriented doctoral degree0
Research experience
    Retrospective studies (chart reviews)28
    Prospective observational studies24
    Behavioral intervention16
    Health services/outcomes research40
    Clinical trials24
Research sponsors (funding)
    City or state12
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality4
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention4
    National Institutes of Health12
    Other (mostly various medical school funds for students)44
Research training certificates
    Good clinical practices20
    National Institutes of Health0
    Association of Clinical Research Professionals0
    Other (medical school elective)4
Satisfaction with previous research experiences
Currently involved in any research projects (NIH, Health Services)36
Currently employs a clinical research coordinator12
  • NIH, National Institutes of Health.