Table 4c.

Facilitators Identified in Focus Group Only

Thematic CategoriesParticipant's Statements
Research support staff
  • You need support of other staff that's going to help you to be able to implement this research project. (IM)

  • A definite support staff under research, not necessarily the top people, but the bottom people, . . . who can get data for you so you don't have to spend time doing that. (FM)

Patient/community engagement strategies
  • It's a matter of education in our community to try to convey the information to our people that research is needed to be able to understand how our community responds to treatments, the management of disease, preventive medicine, and so forth; and not just to rely on what other communities have done. . . (IM)

  • And having a relationship with your physician is a key part. I mean, my patients, some of them I have been with for 10 years, I see their family and I know this and that. . . . there's a rapport absolutely that would allow some of it to happen. (IM)

  • And if it's just a survey and you can have them do it in your waiting room, then you catch them and it's a little bit easier, especially if you're handing them, whatever, a $10 metro card or $20 gift card. (IM)

  • IM, internal medicine; FM, family medicine.