Table 1.

Comparison of Percent of Clinicians Correctly Answering Questions about Aacanthosis Nigricans (AN) Before and After Web-based Training Module

QuestionPhysicians Answering Correctly (%) (n = 103)P*
AN associated with elevated glucose and insulin levels6548.003
AN can appear as velvety patch, dirty neck, or hyperpigmented area8982.06
AN screening important because patients with AN have an increased risk for diabetes8696.01
Higher AN grade (width) is associated with higher levels of blood insulin3463<.001
AN most frequently present on nape of neck9498.29
Fasting/random glucose is sufficient testing for diabetes in a patient with AN8496.004
Glucose tolerance test is the best test for diabetes in patient with AN7698<.001
Healthier eating, regular exercise, and weight loss reduce insulin levels/improve glucose tolerance in patients with AN9599.12
Decrease in insulin level leads to decrease in size/prominence of AN5388<.001
There is pharmacologic treatment for AN2768<.001
  • * The statistical test used was the exact McNemar test.