Table 2.

Osteoporosis Screening Intervention Effectiveness According to Four Types of Analyses

EffectsConventional AnalysesHierarchical Bayesian Analyses
LogisticHierarchicalWithout Collateral DataWith Collateral Data
Regular menstruation0.44.0270.44.0280.42.0260.43.030
Total medications0.78.0040.78.0040.76.0020.77.002
Osteoporosis history2.56.0072.56.0082.69.0052.68.006
Had BMD during past 14 months0.19.0010.19.0010.17<.0010.17<.001
Average BMD rate within each clinic1.06.0591.06NA1.07.1011.07.052
Chart reminder2.27.1632.27NA2.58.1722.37.156
Chart reminder + patient education4.99.0324.99NA5.94.0605.47.029
  • * Nominal one-sided P based on the t-distribution.

  • Bayesian analog of one-sided P: the probability that the intervention did not increase BMD testing.

  • BMD, bone mineral density; OR, odds ratio.