Table 3.

Adjusted Association Between Physician Demographics, Attitudes, Knowledge, and Use of Methods of Breast Cancer Risk Assessment*

Discussed Breast Cancer Risk FactorsUsed Software to Calculate Breast Cancer RiskOrdered or Referred for BRCA1/2 Testing
    Internal medicine (ref)
    Family practice1.47 (0.58–3.71)0.83 (0.37–1.81)0.95 (0.57–1.59)
    Obstetrics/gynecology3.35 (1.01–11.13)5.37 (2.49–11.55)2.36 (1.24–4.49)
Solo practice0.14 (0.04–0.56)0.16 (0.02–1.36)0.27 (0.07–0.96)
Family member with breast cancer1.63 (0.41–6.39)2.76 (1.27–5.30)1.19 (0.59–2.47)
    Many patients ask for information about their risk of breast cancer24.60 (3.44–195.82)0.83 (0.42–1.61)1.52 (0.95–2.44)
    Accuracy score (one point increase)1.23 (0.26–5.69)4.57 (1.17–17.08)1.82 (0.73–4.55)
  • * Models include all the variables in the table as well as physician age, sex, and number of patients seen per week.

  • All data provided as odds ratio (95% CI).