Table 4.

Educational and Instructional Resources for Fertility Awareness-Based Methods69

OrganizationWebsiteBook/Home/Online CourseMethod
Georgetown Institute of Reproductive Healthhttp://www.irh.orgRefer to websiteStandard Days and TwoDays Methods
Couple to Couple League Internationalhttp://ccli.orgThe CCL Home Study Course, ∼$75Symptothermal Method
The Billings Ovulation Method Associationhttp://www.boma-usa.orgThe Billings Method, ∼$20Billings Ovulation Method
American Academy of FertilityCare Professionalshttp://www.aafcp.orgRefer to websiteCreighton Model
One More Soulhttp://www.omsoul.comSearch for providers of multiple methods
Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning Model *
Northwest Family Services to websiteSymptothermal Method *
Family of the Americas Foundationhttp://www.familyplanning.netOvulation Method *
  • Information from reference cited above and indicated websites.

  • * Not specifically discussed in the text.

  • CCL, Couple to Couple League.