Table 3.

Prevalence Rates and Odds Ratios Ranked in Order of Specific Health Problems 1 Year Before and 1 Year After the Disaster in Victims and Controls 1 Year After the Disaster*

Health ProblemVictims (n)Controls (n)Odds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Before DisasterAfter DisasterBefore DisasterAfter Disaster
Acute stress9273111915.9610.95–23.27
Problems with housing/ neighborhood2261113.164.23–40.96
Loss/death of parent/family412434.262.04–8.93
Herpes zoster46532.651.31–5.36
Abrasion/scratch/ blister57542.361.21–4.63
Disturbance of sleep/insomnia285533302.211.72–2.84
Feeling anxious/nervous/tense234324202.201.64–2.95
Anxiety disorder916762.191.31–3.67
Other infection of the eye/uveitis58432.101.02–4.34
Depressive disorder212819181.441.05–1.99
Neck symptoms344533351.291.01–1.65
  • * 13 May 2000 through 12 May 2001.

  • Odds ratio shows the risk of victims’ health problems after the disaster as related to the controls and risk before the disaster.