Table 2.

Strategies to Achieve High Performance in Colorectal Cancer Screening

Improvement ModelStrategiesFLWITNCONC
Prioritize performanceCommit to practice changes needed to improve.xxxx
Have regular practice meetings to review improvement approaches and their impact.xxxx
Offer patients choice of recommended CRC screening options.xxxxx
Delivery system designAdopt and publicize recommendation for regular health maintenance visits.xxxxx
Remind patients of needed health maintenance visits.xxxxx
Standing orders for CRC
Review CRC screening status at all patient visits.xxxx
Electronic medical record toolsMaintain accurate information in the health maintenance tables.xxxxx
Empower all staff to review health maintenance table at all patient contacts.xxxxx
Use reports to identify and contact patients not current with CRC screening.xx
Patient activationRepeat messages to patients who do not initially agree to screening.xxxxx
Provide patient education materials about CRC
Contact patients that have not completed ordered screening.xxxxx
  • CRC, colorectal cancer; FL, Florida; WI, Wisconsin; TN, Tennessee; CO, Colorado; NC, North Carolina.